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We do lot of things online. Schedule our days, make our grocery lists, pay our bills.  But will our grandkids be reading emails that we sent to our spouses after we're gone? 

Paper preserves our stories.

Four Hats Press exists to help you celebrate and commemorate your big life happenings, and the small moments that add up to make your memories. Specializing in hand-lettering, custom design, and letterpress printing, I love getting things down on paper.

Four Hats Press is the hook on which I hang my hats. Years of working in publishing and in magazines lead me to working in kitchens, at home, and eventually, behind the crank of my letterpress. I've always loved working with words, and in the print process, I've grown to appreciate the development of an idea to its communication and preservation. 

Letterpress is a means to make memories tangible—putting something before the eyes so the heart can be reminded. It's a time and labor intensive art, requiring singular pieces of paper to be hand-fed through 100+ year-old machines.  In a time where nearly every thing is moving digital, letterpress is altogether other—using history to make history.

Let's leave a paper trail.

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